WakenAPP - Video Social Awakener

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WakenApp is the first App social awakener in whom people worldwide wake up every morning to you with a video animating to rise to you to you.

It discovers the Waken world and it begins to comprise of our community of awakeners. You do not wait for more and unload ours to you app awakener and surprise with the video awakeners to you raised by people worldwide united by a same intention TO WAKE UP to YOU!

WakenApp is a totally gratuitous application and 100% free one of publicity.

Not only you will be able to awake of a different way every day but also that you will be able to contact with other users who therefore wish it and to share your experiences.

You wish to send a message to the world? To make a joke? To know the new people?

WakenApp is your election. You do not think it more, animate and you raise an original video to you.