Terms and Conditions

Our vision is to allow million people of all Latin America to accede to the power of Internet and empoderarlos to learn, to create and to grow.

The hiring of a design plan Web, lodging Web, registry of I dominate or anyone of served by DonHosting, supposes the acceptance of this contract, and it is understood accepted and signed by the CONTRACTOR and DonHosting.

When providing service of lodging Web to our clients is our responsibility to protect to each of them and to offer the best service to them available. The following rules were designed with this goal in mind.


The hiring of a design plan Web, lodging Web, registry of domain or anyone of served by DonHosting supposes the acceptance of this contract, and it is understood accepted and signed by the CONTRACTOR and DonHosting.


Return of the complete amount

DonHosting is to this end made person in charge of all the caused expenses whenever the return is due to an error in our system either human error of our part or when the characteristics do not correspond to the indicated ones in the website.

Return of the complete amount, except for administrative expenses and shipment

If the supplied service works correctly and the return is due to personal reasons for the client or error of the client at the time of asking for the service, DonHosting will give back to the amount cancelled by the previous client discount of the administrative expenses and shipment until the client, for it will have to be contacted with our department of attention to the client.


To ask for the return within the 5 next days to the qualification of the service.

The returns will be realised based on the total price of the acquired services, excluding the administrative expenses, of shipment and registry of domain. The administrative cost and shipment are not reimbursable. In any case the cost by the domain registry is not reimbursable.


In order to register a domain name it is necessary to enter to our system of hiring and to consult his availability.

DonHosting does not become person in charge of faults of communication between servers or faults in the registry of the names of domains. In order to confirm the registry and to guarantee the ownership on the same it is necessary that it reviews that the asked for domain appears registered in the international data base WHOIS with the data that you provided at the time of the hiring, otherwise is indispensable to raise a report to the area of technical support.

Once confirmed his payment, he will come himself to the registry of his domain and you will receive in the course of the following 24 hours an Email with the accesses to the Control Panel of Domain.

Domain Free of by Life

All our plans of Web hosting free include a domain of by LIFE.

When contracting the plan Web hosting of its election will be able to enjoy its domain of by life throughout the time Free that has assets its plan of Web hosting with us.

Certificate SSL Free (AutoSSL)

The lodged names of domain in DonHosting now are protected by a certificate SSL of validation of domain of 256 bit provided by Comodo and are installed by the AutoSSL application of cPanel.

The AutoSSL certificates settle by our servers and are valid for a maximum of 90 days each - once they reach 87 days of age, our system will be in charge to renew automatically.

It can find important information in the following connection.

Coupons of Discount

The Discounts and coupons of discount can be only applied for the new orders or new clients. They cannot be used for the purchase of a domain registry unless the opposite specifies itself.

If they have register previously with a particular domain, it will not be able to register again by that domain with another coupon in a later date. Any account that is in violation of these policies will be reviewed by our sales department and the corresponding expenses will be able to be added to the account.

All the coupons and discounts are only valid for the initial purchase or new orders and they do not affect to the renovation or the price appellant.

Policy of Verification of Domain ICANN

With the purpose of to fulfill the contractual obligations €œ2013 RAA€ (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), DonHosting will send a verification request to confirm its information of contact of WHOIS for all the registries of domain not verified and modifications of contact of the holder.

The e-mail will be sent to the email address €œwebmaster@donhosting.net€. It will have a lapse of 15 days from the moment of the change of contact to verify the information. After 15 days, the domain (s) associated to this contact will be out of line until the email address is verified.

If the domain is suspended, the qualification and propagation can delay of 24 to 48 hours.


All the services that DonHosting provides could be only used for allowed aims. Any transmission, storage, or presentation of information, data are prohibited or material that break the federal, state or regional laws of the United States of America and laws in each country.

This includes, but a is not limited: materials with right of author, material that we consider dangerous or obscene, or material protected by commercial secret or another statute. The subscriber decides to compensate and to safeguard to DonHosting of any demand as a result of the illegal use of the service and the damages caused as a result of this, as much to the subscriber at issue as well as to any other person or group.

Indicative and in particular and for a reason or purpose merely nonexhaustive the subscriber commits himself not to use, to transmit or to spread:


To use the network of DonHosting to transmit or to publicize slanderous, wounding, abusive, threatening language or that is in opposition to the right to the honor, to the personal or familiar privacy or the own image of the people.


To accede illegally or without authorization to computers, or networks that belong to another person, or to try to surpass safety measures of the system of another person (well-known as €œhacking€). Any activity that can be used as cause of an attack to a system (that is to say, I scan of ports, or to collect).

Distribution of virus through Internet, worms, Trojans or any other destructive activity: To distribute to information about creation or transmission of virus by Internet, worms, Trojans, saturation, €œmailbombing€, or denial-of-service attacks. Also activities that they interrupt or they interfere in the effective use of the resources of network of other people.

Any other form that is opposite, despises or attempts against the Fundamental Rights and the recognized public liberties in the Constitution, International Treaties and the rest of the effective legislation.

It is prohibited the pornography or any marketing research of sexual type in the servers of DonHosting.

This includes to sites that can infer sexual content, or connections to other sites with content only for adults. DonHosting will determine unilaterally if there has been some violation to this disposition.

In the same way the sites are prohibited that promote any illegal activity or that contain information that can damage to our servers or any other servant in the Internet. Connections to such materials are also prohibited.

Examples of material or I connect unacceptable:

DonHosting reserves the right to decide which users commit violations of this disposition.


The Spamming, or the indiscriminate shipment of asked for e-mail STRICTLY is not prohibited, as much from one of our servers as of an email address or domain maintained in our servers. DonHosting has total power to determine if this disposition has been violated.

Our servers limit the shipment of messages. He can send up to 200 messages per hour by domain. Shipment of messages Spam is not allowed. Its account could be cancelled without reclamation some.


At the moment we did not allow the operation of IRC or IRC boots in our servers. We did not allow Public Rooms of Chat.


It is strictly prohibited all attempt of sabotage or damage to the servers and the consumers.


The right is reserved to suspend an account of hosting if this were abusing the resources of the servant. It is considered that an account abuses the resources when uses but of 20% of the resources of the servant by more than 60 seconds. The client sera notified and debera to correct for being able to continue using its account scripts, consultations to data bases, works cron or any other cause that this causing excessive load.


We reserved the exclusive right at any time to deny, to cancel or to suspend the service.

All the hospedadores, distributing Sub-networks, sites and dedicated servers of DonHosting must adjust to the indicated rules previous. The infraction of any term or condition previously described, will be reason for the immediate decontamination of the account.


The technical support will only be available electronically, and it is only limited the problems directly related to the Web Hosting as the connectivity of the servant, HTTP, FTP and services of the e-mail. DonHosting does not offer technical support in the configuration, solution of problems of applications of third parties, such as: Lists of Email, Data bases of MySQL, Programming PHP, Perl, Agora, Interchange Oscommerce, Scripts Pre-installed or Scripts de Terceros, etc.


DonHosting will maintain, in accordance with the possible thing, a calculated availability of the service in 99,8% on the basis of an annual period. Nevertheless, due to the nature of the provided service, an interruption could happen at any time for many reasons that cannot be controlled.


All the positions according to the present do not include national, provincial, local and foreign taxes on gross sales, use, consumption, services public, income and added value (IVA) and other similar positions type burden, including the taxes related by applicable overload or tariffs; those that the client agrees in paying.


In case of having questions about the Terms and Conditions of Services, favor to contact to us through contact form or writing to the following direction: sales@donhosting.net