The Company

We are one brand that offers
services of hosting and services
integral Web with center in Latin America and
continental vision for small and
great companies and undertakings.


Your ally in the Web. In all place and moment

In DonHosting we have more than 5 years mainly to the service of lodging shared Web, offering plans with adapted resources and multidomain. We endorse the initiatives of individuals, professionals and companies, offering to them different oriented alternatives to cover his specific needs with Web hosting.

Supply and quality

Our service has been devised to offer you the characteristic principles to a competitive price in the market, without jeopardizing the quality.

Integral service

In DonHosting we offered endorsement you in multiple services that complement our supply of value: design Web, domains, corporative image, marketing, development of software, among others.


Competitive advantage

Against the competition, offering great advantages of value. Among them we can guarantee to you:

  • Backup copies of the sites of our clients
  • Uptime guaranteed of 99,9% the real one
  • advanced Anti-Spam
  • Detailed statistics of access of visits
  • Much more.


Our vision is to empoderar to million people with the best technology so that they expand his ideas in the digital world, and thus to turn us into a company leader in Latin America.

Location and Infraestuctura

Our Web servers are anchored in the best ones dates centers from the world, located in Montreal, Canada.

We count on the conditions and the highest norms of quality in our services, with the purpose of guaranteeing to all our clients the highest standards in lodging or hosting for his websites.

We are a great equipment

In DonHosting, we are a great team of professionals with clear and ambitious objectives and a code of irrefutable ethics. Each of us we worried to take care of each one of the needs of our clients in opportune and effective form. The honesty and the commitment of which its idea has the best presence in the Web are two of our values.

Why they prefer to us?

  • They prefer to us because our service not only is to offer endorsement in hostings, but we extended our supply of value so that each of our clients has all the characteristics of a robust and useful website for their consuming clients or potentials.
  • We offer to services really professional Web so that our clients have great presence in Internet.
  • Verify it! We give to value to its investment offering truly competitive prices him without jeopardizing the quality of the service of lodging Web.