Frequent questions

Answers to the frequent questions but.

How much cost does a WEB?

The design of basic a complete Web, begins approximately in USD 300, but everything depends on the concrete needs of your business. We to size realise each one of the budgets after in particular knowing us in one first meeting and according to the characteristics your project.

Will You lodge my webpage?

The answer is: IF. We were in charge of all the process, we gave to its webpage 100% functional list to him and. If still you do not have domain nor lodging, you do not worry we own servers own or formed to offer a service you of quality.

I have logo, neither photos, nor text. I can also work with you?

By all means! We have a wonderful team of collaborator with which we worked elbow elbow in all those materials that we needed before home with the design Web as so. From a logo or corporative image, to some texts, photographies€¦ Say everything to us what first meeting needs in ours, and we were in charge to organize it everything with them. 🙂

With what platforms they work?

We custom-made work with the programming languages PHP, Javascript, CSS and HTML, offering solutions 100% for small businesses (and not so small) as ours. We own a very powerful manager of contents, developed by us what facilitates its manipulation in new developments. Offering thousands and thousands of possibilities, literally. From sencilllos blogs, to corporative Webs happening through stores online with thousand or million products.

As soon as time I will have my webpage in march?

The design and development Web usually take between 2-3 weeks. Although this is only one estimation and depends in particular on each project, the revisions that are necessary, the response time on the part of the client, etc.