Policies of Privacy

When realising a purchase of some service to the DonHosting.net company, the client specifically accepts and in its totality the denominated agreements €œTerms and conditions of the service€ and €œPolicies of privacy€.


We will ask for information to him that it identifies to him personally (personal information) or that it allows us to put to us with you in touch when you am necessary to provide a service or to realise a transaction that you have solicitd.

The compiled information can include its name, data of its credit card, data of the company or organization such as: name, e-mail, telephones and direction.


The compiled personal information in DonHosting.net will be used for the operation of the Site and to provide the services or to realise the transactions that have been asked for or authorized.

The personal information can be used to provide important information to him about the product or of the service that is using. Additionally, with his permission, we can send information to him about other products and services.


Whereas the client gives a legal use to the provided resources by DonHosting.net in the benefit of the service, the company is committed not to reveal nor to give express permission to use the personal information that it obtains from the client in the accomplishment of a transaction and assures that the data contributed by the client of the way only described will be used by the company for aims related to the benefit of the service acquired by the same.

All the information that we gather of our CLIENTS is only used with intentions of the contact and the verification of the identity.


With the object of preventing the nonauthorized access to its personal data, maintaining the fidelity of the data and to assure the suitable use the information, we have implemented physical, electronic and managemental procedures to protect and to assure the information that we collected through this webpage.


Our webpage uses the calls archives €œcookies€ to help to personalize its experience in line, as for example, to recognize visitors appellants.

You have the option to accept or to reject the cookies. The majority of the localizers accepts the cookies automatically, but you can modify the configuration of his localizer generally to reject the cookies. If you decide to reject the cookies, you could lose the opportunity to enjoy some attractive characteristics of our webpage or to receive some of our services.


Occasionally we will make reforms of this Policy of Privacy that reflect the internal observations and of the clients. When you use the DonHosting.net page, You are expressing his agreement with the terms of this Policy of Privacy.


Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a standard industrial technology that creates safe surroundings for the information interchanged between its navigator and DonHosting.net. SSL codifies all the information that you enter before you am sent to Neothek. Data of security as their number of user, key, date of birth and information of the credit card, are codified in the process of encriptado/cryptography.

Generally, you can realize if she is in a safe page just by to see the symbol in the part inferior of his navigator. If Netscape Navigator uses, the symbol is a key. If Internet Explorer uses, it is a padlock. It can make sure that a safe servant uses if the symbol is not broken. Another way to realize of which his navigator is in safe way is to look at the Internet address that the navigator shows to him. In the standard way, not surely, the direction would begin with €œhttp://€ and, in the safe way, with €œhttps://€. The €œs€ means €œsafe€. Whenever it conducts an operation with DonHosting.net the direction will indicate https:// since always we used protocol SSL for the exchange of information between our servant and his computer for all the operations.


In case of having questions about this Policy of Privacy, favor to contact us in our page CONTACTS to US or electronic to the following direction by email: sales@donhosting.net