Lollipop - Gay Video Chat

Client:  / Category: Movable applications

Lollipop is the first movable application to connect the people of its same sex (gay, I saw or peculiar) of a very funny way being used video chat works with the best technology of the camera. He discovers and he knows the people of your city, country, or of any part of the world, its election, you only have a camera!

Lollipop is 100% gratuitous one. Our application offers a limitless number of video connections and chats through the camera, this is our philosophy and it will always be it.

You can know new with our application, as easy people as to slide the screen to find to somebody new one. System of pairing of Lollipop works as Chatroulette.
If you do not like the person who is sharing the camera, simply to slide right and to know somebody new one you yourself new sex in a matter of seconds.
It finds somebody that you like? to add it to your friendly list and to connect itself at any time with him.