Magento experts

Company specialized developing, design and reactive maintenance in Magento from 2007 although founded on 1999 dedicated totally to e-commerce from its homes, with a dedicated team of 6 people in House exclusively in Magento projects, giving service to all class of independent, national and international SMEs and.

We are an expert group of computer science engineers working in the accomplishment and creation of electronic commerces using Magento from its birth in 2007.



  • Official developers of Magento
  • Official partners of Google (certified company)
  • Official partners of Paypal.

We have created and maintained more of a hundred of stores online Magento, some referring ones in his respective sectors and improving his marketing online day to day (SEO, SEM, SMO).


Magento experts:

  • Design of templates to size Magento.
  • Specialists in movable design responsive and APPs for Magento (iOS and Android)
  • Development of modules to size Magento.
  • Integrators for all class of ERP - SAP - SAGE - ODOO - Dynamics - Quipu.
  • Consultants of marketing for Magento stores (SEO, SEM)
  • Specialists in national and international methods of Magento payment.


HOSTING Magento:

  • VPS and dedicated to poternciar your Magento to the maximum.
  • Shared economic to lodge your new Magento.
  • More than 40 lodged stores top and in maintenance.


We will be enchanted to take care of your doubts and to raise solutions to you of improvement without commitment for your project. With our equipment of expert developers Magento we will doubtless maximize your sales and capacity of business!


If you look for a Magento Expert 

It trusts us, our experience guarantees to us!
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+34-668828382 (Whatsapp)