Virtual stores in Ecuador,
optimized for the finders.


Codechat we turned into art the development of you have virtual.
With Codechat you can develop your virtual store with cutting edge characteristics and an exclusive design of luxury, because we applied technology of last generation according to the exigencies of our clients. Our development allows that your store online adapts easily to mobiles or tablets, has multilanguage and accepts multi-currency; and the best thing: we optimized them for the finders, which will give to major exhibition you with your potential clients.

We count on a team of developer and designers to work with you close by and causing that your virtual store is functional and attractive. And if you want that your project has the best yield, it neglects! , our specialists in digital and social marketing mediate will do it by you. Not only we thought about great companies, also we designed solutions for smaller commerces, undertakings, SMEs and startups, or any other type of business.

Advantages of the service

Adaptability and functionality

It is important that your project of e-commerce is adaptable to mobiles. Codechat offers a quite intuitive structure to you to generate confidence in your clients and that allows him easily to manage its requirements of products or services and safe.
The responsive adaptation (or responsive) will allow to your readers and futures them clients the possibility of seeing comfortably your webpage or lies down virtual in a movable device (smartphone or tablet).

Web Hosting for e-commerce

The stores online are just like a Web and need a space in Internet in which to be able to have lodged all the archives and folders that make them work.
In Codechat we studied the most appropriate option for each project according to its characteristics, and we offer the one that more adapts to your needs.

Exclusive and customized designs

The design that we realised to the stores online is written with D of Codechat. Obt©n your institutional image, corporative logo of your company, colors, scale model based on HTML5 and CSS3, and even an optional service of photography and images for the product catalogue.

Virtual TPV

Codechat also offers the service you so that your potential clients have the possibility of paying with debit or credit card in your store online. For it, you will need to contract a terminal point of sale (TPV) with the financial organization of your preference.
In addition, you will receive from our part advising in case of preferring collections with Paypal. We realise the managements necessary to create your account. Fast and easy we do it by you!
For greater information, contact to us. We want to support to you!


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