Certificates SSL

Annual certificates SSL by only USD 13

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  • Obt©n a reliable certificate SSL in minutes
  • It safely accepts confidential payments and data in your site
  • It increases your positioning search in Google
Certificates SSL

All the SSL includes

  • It shows Sello of security in your site.
  • Attendance limitless safety technique 24/7
  • Free limitless reemissions.
  • It protects limitless servers.
  • It increases the positioning search in Google.
  • Coding SHA-2 and of 2048 bits: more hard of the market.
  • Compatible with all the more important navigators.
  • Protection of responsibility of until USD 1 million.
  • Guarantee of return of the money by 30 days.

Characteristics Certificates SSL

It assures his website by means of a certificate security SSL of robust encryption, we offer the most powerful coding available in a variety of options destined to satisfy his needs.

What is SSL? Ecuador

What is SSL?

One is essentially a protocol that provides a safe channel between two machines that operate through the Internet or an internal network.

Store online Ecuador

Store in line

If it wants to follow the best practices of electronic commerce it is necessary to add a certificate SSL for his store in line.

Protection of data with SSL Ecuador

Sensible data

It needs to protect information as personal information, credit cards, password, etc., especially when their visitors use public or uncertain networks.

Padlock of Security SSL in Ecuador

Padlock of Security

Their visitors will see the characteristic padlock and their website will feel like more comfortable when sending information a/desde.