Legal warning

In accordance with the established thing in Law 34/2002 of 11 of Julio, into Services of the Society of the Information and Comercio Electrónico (LSSICE), one inquires into the following legal aspects:

Identification of the Web:
Person in charge of the Web: GROUP HOSTIENDA SL
Address: Gran Via of Catalan them Corts 673, 08013 Barcelona
Email of Contact:
Tlfno: +34-935380120
Fiscal data: B-66593211
Registry data: Mercantile registry of Barcelona Volume 44954, Folio 205, B-472396 Leaf.


1. Previous considerations

The present legal conditions regulate the allowed legal use of this webpage, whose legal person in charge is GROUP HOSTIENDA SL in future HOSTIENDA. These general conditions regulate the access and use that the holder of the Web puts free of charge at the disposal of the users of Internet. The access to the same implies its acceptance without reserves. The mere use of the Web, as well as to ask for information, supposes the total acceptance of the present conditions.

2. - Use of the Webpage

The user guarantees the authenticity of all those data that communicates through and will maintain updated the information that it facilitates to HOSTIENDA, so that it responds at any moment to his real situation, being the only person in charge of the false or inexact manifestations that it realises, as well as of the damages that it causes for that reason to HOSTIENDA or to third parties.


HOSTIENDA cannot assume any responsibility derived from the incorrect, unsuitable or illicit use of the information appeared in the pages of Internet of HOSTIENDA With the limits established in the law, HOSTIENDA does not assume any responsibility derived from the lack of veracity, integrity, update and precision of the data or information that are contained in their pages of Internet. The contents and information of the pages of Internet of HOSTIENDA are elaborated by professionals properly qualified for the exercise of their profession. Nevertheless, the contents and information do not tie to the aforeshelp one, nor constitute opinions, advice or legal advising of any type, because it is merely an offered service with informative and divulging character.


The pages of Internet of HOSTIENDA can contain connections (links) to other pages of third parties. Therefore, this one will not be able to assume responsibilities by the content that can appear in pages of third parties. The texts, images, sounds, animations, software and the rest of contents including in this website are exclusive property of HOSTIENDA or its licenciantes. Any act of transmission, distribution, cession, reproduction, storage or total or partial public communication, must count on the express consent of HOSTIENDA.


Also, to accede to the services that HOSTIENDA offers through website, it will have to provide some personal character data. In accordance with the established thing in LOPD 15/1999, into 13 of December, we informed to him that their personal data will be built-in and will be treated in the HOSTIENDA files, with the purpose of to be able to him to render and to offer our services. Also, we informed to him into the possibility that it exerts the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of its personal character data, in Great via of Catalan them Corts 673 - 08013 of BARCELONA, or, of sending an e-mail to 


HOSTIENDA does not become person in charge of the evil use of the passwords that you can carry out as user. It is responsibility of the user to properly guard the keys and passwords that are provided for the access as user, preventing the illegal use or access on the part of third parties.


Also, its acceptance to the present Legal Warning supposes the benefit of its express consent so that HOSTIENDA can send to him to advertising or promotional communications by email electronic or another equivalent mass media, in the terms established by Law 34/2002, of Services of the Society of the Information and of Electronic Commerce. In the assumption of not being interested in receiving this type of communications it can go to HOSTIENDA, to the direction previously indicated or the e-mail, declaring his will.


By means of the execution and shipment of the corresponding forms of this Web, the User accepts and authorizes that their personal data are object of treatment automated on the part of HOSTIENDA. In case You include in the forms of this Web, personal character data ownership of third people will have, with previous character to its inclusion, to obtain its consent and to inform to him into the ends contained in the previous paragraphs.



3. Norms of behavior of the section Blog

If you want to participate in our blogs, you will have to accept these rules:

3.1. - Responsibility of the User. When participating in the blogs of the Web you are the only person in charge of the messages that you spread through those, guaranteeing to HOSTIENDA the total indemnity in front any claim that could consider him by such concepts. 

In case the messages contain material protected by rights of intellectual or industrial property, the user guarantees that he is his proprietor or counts on the authorization of the proprietor to spread it in the Blogs.

And one exempts to HOSTIENDA of any claim of third parties that considered by such concepts.

3.2. The user will have, before publishing a message, choosing the appropriate blog. Those messages that do not adjust to the thematic one of the blog could be eliminated. Totally it is prohibited to publish promotions and connections of commercial supplies, publicity, promotional material, letters chain nor any direct or indirect promotional activity or any other type of commentary that does not adjust to the normal development of the subjects of the blogs.

3.3. The user will have to respect to the rest of users. The user must be tolerant and respectful with the messages and opinions of the other users. Those messages will be able to be suppressed that can be considered harmful against the rights of third parties or that attempt against the Pacific development of the blogs.

3.4. HOSTIENDA reserves the right to reproduce, to modify, or to spread to the messages published in the blogs of the Web according to the advisable terms and means without for that reason no type of compensation corresponds to the user.

3.5.HOSTIENDA is not responsible for the published thing in the blogs of the Web nor guarantees the veracity or exactitude of any information published in the same. It corresponds to the sending user of the messages or information the responsibility on his content.

3.6. HOSTIENDA does not guarantee the availability nor continuity of the service of blogs of the Web, being able to modify it, to suspend it or to eliminate it of the Web without previous warning, at any time.

3.7. In case a user can turns affected by illegal activities, or detects an evil use of the blogs of the Web on the part of other users, he will be able to put it in HOSTIENDA knowledge, through e-mail, indicating in the reference of the subject “moderation of blogs”, so that HOSTIENDA can moderate or eliminate the same.

3.8. The user will maintain undamaged to HOSTIENDA against any claim that could appear him by the messages that the user has spread in the blogs or by any other conduct tie or derived from the use by the user of the blogs of the Web.


4. Policy of COOKIES

A “Cookie” is a small file that is stored in the computer of the user and it allows us to recognize to him. The set of “cookies” helps us to improve the quality of our Web, being allowed us to control what pages find our useful users and which no.

The cookies are essential for the operation of Internet, contributing innumerable advantages in the benefit of interactive services, facilitating the navigation and usability to him of our Web. It considers that the cookies cannot damage their equipment and that, in return, the one that is activated helps us to identify and to solve the errors.

The information that we provided to him next, will help him to include the different types from cookies:

_ Cookies of session: they are temporary cookies that remain in the file of cookies of their navigator until it leaves the webpage, reason why no is registered in the hard disk of the user. The data obtained by means of these cookies, serves to analyze you rule of traffic in the Web. In the long run, this allows us to provide one better experience to improve the content and facilitating its use.


_Cookies permanent: the hard disk and our Web are stored in the Lees whenever you realise a new visit. A permanent Web owns a date of certain expiration. The cookie will stop working after that date.


Next we published a relation of the main cookies used in our Web, distinguishing:


_The strictly necessary cookies as for example, those that are used for a correct navigation or those that they allow to realise services asked for by the user or cookies that serve to assure that the content the webpage effective charge.


_The cookies of third parties as for example, the used ones by social networks, or external accessories of content.

_ analytical cookies with intentions of periodic maintenance, and for the sake of guaranteeing the best possible service to the user, the sites web's normally make use of “analytical” cookies to collect statistical data of the activity.


The table that we published next gathers of outlined form the cookies that we used in our webpage:




Purpose/More information


Cookies de Facebook


We use the bellboys “Facebook” to promote the pages of the website on Facebook.




The bellboys use cookies to show up-to-date information of the times that has shared a content.




The maturity dates of these cookies vary between a session and two years.




The use of services of location as Google Maps implies the installation of these cookies

2 years



They are used to remember preferences of the user during his navigation.

2 years




2 years



Also for the count, on the part of google, of the number of users who use the maps

2 years








6 months



In order to make the most attractive publicity

6 months



And to provide with safety mechanisms that avoid the nonauthorized access to data of access of users or the information who these facilitate in contact forms, p.ej.

2 years



More information on the cookies of Google in (Castilian)


Google AdWords

You go

Internal measurement with Google AdWords (DoubleClick)



_drt_ Technologies


It allows through chat to give support us and to solve doubts of direct form to the clients and users of the Web

1 year


Complementary guarantees – Management of cookies:

As complementary guarantee to previously described, the registry of the cookies could be subject to its acceptance during the installation or bring up to date of the used navigator, and this acceptance can at any moment be revoked by means of the options of configuration of contents and privacy available.

Many navigators allow to activate a deprived way by means of which the cookies always erase after their visit. Following each navigator this deprived way, can have different names. Next it will find a list of the most common navigators and the different names from this “private way”:


Internet Explorer 8 and superior; InPrivate Safari 2 and superior; Private navigation

It operates 10.5 and superior; Private navigation Firefox 3.5 and superior; Private navigation Google Chrome 10 and superior; Incognito


Important: Please, it kindly reads the section of help of his navigator to know more about how activating the “private way”. He will be able to continue visiting our Web although his navigator is in “deprived way”, although, its navigation by our Web can not be optimal and some utilities can not work correctly.


4. Intellectual property

The contents provided by HOSTIENDA are subject to the rights of intellectual and industrial property and are exclusive ownership of HOSTIENDA or the legal natural people or who report. By means of the acquisition of a product or service, HOSTIENDA does not confer to the purchaser any right of alteration, operation, reproduction, distribution or public communication on the same, reserving to HOSTIENDA all these rights. The cession of the right mentioned ones will need the previous consent in writing on the part of the holder the same, so that the client will not be able to put at the disposal of third people these contents.

The intellectual property extends, in addition to the content including in HOSTIENDA, to its graphs, logos, designs, images and source codes used for its programming. HOSTIENDA has obtained the Data and the materials including in the Web of sources considered as trustworthy and, although reasonable measures have been taken to make sure that the contained information is the correct one, HOSTIENDA cannot guarantee that at any moment and circumstance this information is exact, completes, updated and, consequently, it does not have to trust outside her as if. HOSTIENDA specifically declines any responsibility by error or omission in the Information contained in the pages of this Web.

HOSTIENDA reserves the faculty to modify, to suspend, to cancel or to restrict the content of the Web, the bonds or the data obtained through her, without needing previous warning. This one, in no case, assumes responsibility some as a result of the incorrect use of the Web that can take to end the user, as much of the information as of the services in her contained.

In no case HOSTIENDA, their branches and/or centers of work, their directors and/or proxies, employees and, generally, the authorized personnel will be responsible for any type of damage, losses, claims or expenses of no type, whether come, directly or indirectly, of the use and/or diffusion of the Web or the Data acquired or acceded by or through this one, or of its computer viruses, operative failures or interruptions in the service or transmission or of failures in the line in the use of the Web, as much by direct connection as by bond or another means, constituting to all the legal effects a warning to any user of which these possibilities and events can happen.

HOSTIENDA does not become person in charge of the nonown Webs to which it is possible to be acceded by means of bonds or I connect (“links”) or of any content put at the disposal of third parties. Any use of a bond or access to a nonown Web will be realised by will and at risk and exclusive luck of the user. HOSTIENDA recommends neither guarantees no of la/s Información/es obtenida/s by or through a bond, nor takes responsibility of no loss, claim or damage derived from the use or evil use of a bond, or from the Data obtained through him, including other bonds or Webs, from the interruption in the service or the access, or on the attempt to use or to use a bond badly, as much when connecting to the Web of HOSTIENDA as a acceding to the information of other Webs from the same.


5. Industrial and Intellectual property

This Web is HOSTIENDA property the rights of Intellectual Property and rights of operation and reproduction of this Web, of its pages, screens, the Information that contain, its appearance and design, as well as the bonds (“hiperlinks”) that settle down from her to other webpages of any filial and/or dominated society of HOSTIENDA, are exclusive property of this one, unless specifically another thing is specified. Any offered and reflected denomination, design and/or logo, as well as any product or service in this webpage, are brands properly registered by HOSTIENDA, their filial and/or dominated societies or third parties. Any illegal use of the same by people different from its legitimate holder and without the express and unequivocal consent on the part of this one could be denounced and be persecuted through all the means legal existing in the Spanish and/or communitarian Legal Ordering.

The rights of intellectual property and brands of third parties are outstanding properly and must be respected by all that one that accedes to this page, not being HOSTIENDA responsibility the use that the user can take to end on the matter, falling the exclusive responsibility to their person. 

Only for personal and deprived use it is allowed to unload the contents, to copy or to print any page of this Web. It is prohibited to reproduce, to transmit, to modify or to suppress the information, content or warnings of this Web without the previous authorization in writing of HOSTIENDA.


6. Applicable law and Jurisdiction

The present general conditions are in force by the Spanish Legislation, being competent the Courts and Courts of Barcelona to know whichever questions are provoked on the interpretation, application and fulfillment of the same. The user, by virtue of his acceptance to the picked up general conditions in this legal warning, resigns specifically to any charter that, by application of the Law of effective Civil Judgment could correspond to him.